Johannes Mudi

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A Poem

I sat pondering from my corner
Watching children running and balling
Unmoved, thoughts drifting from their world
From where cometh inspiration?
Can I just pen down words and form impression;
Or first, gather thoughts from observation?

I miss those times writing came so easy
Other days require more reading
An extra effort requiring
Waiting patiently for a leading
I’d rather prefer the former smooth sail

I remained still, reminiscing
It’s been two moons in incubation
The third must be my incarnation
Birthing anew, a constant reality:
It takes intention to write expressions

That forest of literary reflections
The trees chiming with rhymes
Those leaves shedding refrains
And trunk of symphony
Are birthed from silent seeds of thoughts



Seek And You Shall Find

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Make hay

The sun won’t wait

Its flame will fade

Build bridge

Your walls will fail

With it your gains

Dream big

The sky is blue

With space for you

Take breaks

Others can race

And fill your space

Have faith

When doubt assails

And prayers fail

Admit guilt

Will give you peace

Won’t make you weak

Light love

For love is light

And light is life

Live right

With harmony

In love’s accord

End waste

They take up space

For scarce resource

Go green

And keep it clean

The earth to heal

Just you and me



A Poem

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I glared, reveling tender faces
Their infant lips and lovely voices
Each, a reflection of harmless beauties
Chords of innocence wrapped in smiles
Of tiny hearts that know no hate
Pricked by thongs of hunger pains,
They let it pass after their fill

I’m left flooded with inquiries
Where did we pick up hate?
Why do we have racists?
I didn’t see a racist face
I didn’t see a narcissist
I didn’t see a feminist
No sign of misanthropy,
On those tiny faces
Just humanity in purity

Oh earth reclaim thy innocence
Devoid of hate and pestilence
Let hearts return to infancies
Forgiving and healing earth’s agony

This poem was inspired by the story “The Chord Between Love And Hate” by Annelise Lords. A special thanks to her for sharing.

Johannes Mudi



A Poem

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The night before the dawn

I saw a full new moon bloom

In its rays of silver splendour

I heard it singing loudly:

Forget the dark past

The contractions that sadden earth

Those long nights that darken my shine

And disappeared happy shadows of life

Forget the past when engine wings avoided the sky

And tourist bays turned to desolate landscapes

Look around, the mist is giving way

Heavy and broken sighs forming smiles

Sweet moon stay true

Obtain for me a wholesome truce

Between the dark and dawn of day

Assure my coming paths

Each day of 365s

That healing is coming

That the tides of death are ending



A Poem

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I am not blind

My heart hearkens to poetry lines

Whether or not they have some rhymes

I read each poet’s expressive verse

Be it free, prose poetry, Haiku or Sonnet

I see their hearts laid bare

They calm my thirsty quest

Relieve unwarranted stress

Instill fresh vibes within my mind

I am not blind

I read what I like

And like what I see

The likes are not fiats

Opposing tunes are cherished too

Appreciating every piece of expression

But here’s a caveat

I have no suite for hate lines

No place for racist verse

All else are welcomed on this my space

Wishing you all a fruitful year ahead.

Johannes Mudi



New Year’s Resolution

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Unrestrained by Covid’s stripes
Leaving tales of death behind
I see pains washed off the riverside
It’s been a lonely walk in the dark of night
Crisis scribbling scourges on broken pages
For days in ascending pillaging
Leaving life’s amazing chapters shattered
And now the year fades with a tag:
An age of staying alive
Of masked faces hiding smiles
Of distant social human miles
But we did survive
Some loved ones left behind
Here we are
Awaiting another revolutionary turn
Wishing healing upon its times
We shall rise with the tides
We shall regain lost pride
We shall make greater strides
Never again to be taken by surprise
Shall be ready for a next strike
But until then, we must stay alive



A Poem

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The smiles kept forming

Mystic feelings of joy unending

Welled from a depth of inner peace

Unsettling turpitude of gloom

Never minding Covid’s variant snare

But none saw its envious ascent

The sweet heavenly stream of smileys

Veiled behind a makeshift prison wall

Waiting to see this plague masked

That lovely smiles may break free

Beaming harmony and healing

Enchanting hearts with the hope

Of a smiley contagion



Johannes Mudi

Johannes Mudi

BA.Ed (History); LLB (Common Law). I started writing and fell in love and now I can't stop. Writer - Poet